Independent eCommerce SEO Specialist

Hi, I'm Joe Fisher - a freelance SEO consultant for ambitious brands.

If you're a website owner looking to grow your business online, and you have any of the issues below, I may be able to help:

  • Your site can’t seem to compete with bigger brands/household names on Google
  • The site gets traffic but none of it seems to end up converting to leads/enquiries or sales
  • Leads or sales are coming through but they are declining/stagnating
  • Your website has a lot of content and you aren't sure what to publish next
  • You need help organising the site's structure to drive organic revenue

How I work:

ETHICALLY - I avoid implementing what are called 'black hat' SEO techniques, this means I don't use any tactics which go against search engine guidelines. These may show results in the short term, but are unsustainable long term.

TRANSPARENTLY - I avoid using technical jargon where possible, as this doesn't allow either of us to see how actions can translate into real benefits for your business. And I share everything I do for a site so you can see exactly what has been implemented and where.

INDEPENDENTLY - Working independently allows you to speak to me directly when needed, you don't have to go through several different departments to communicate, and you get a more personalised service the whole way through.

  • Gideon - Blink SEO

    Joe's deep technical understanding of SEO shines through in his approach to projects, as he devises data-driven optimisation strategies that stay ahead of the curve in the constantly evolving search landscape.

  • Paul - TDMP

    I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Joe to any business that requires a boost to their website visibility and rankings, he has certainly been a valuable asset to our business.

  • Jon - Hydro-X

    Joe has supported Hydro-X Group over the last two years in its SEO development - providing insight into where effort will be best focused.




SEO explained simply

I've had over 8 years experience in digital marketing and implemented strategies on over 50 websites - I know which actions are high priority.

Once I get to know more about your business and industry, I can create a roadmap for organic success.

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