Independent SEO Consultancy for Retail Brands

Hi, I'm Joe Fisher, an independent SEO consultant. I've been working for 8+ years with retail brands, helping them to grow their online presence.

But what does 'growing online presence' mean? 

Essentially I see it as taking up more of the specific landscape and real estate in the search results that you need to sell your products, and appearing more prominently in a trustworthy fashion. In other words, scaling your online store to the next level.

When it comes to selling products, a strong online presence is key. The end user may spend hours researching different brands before buying a product and if yours doesn't appear or does appear but not in the right places, it's unlikely to ever be successful. 

Reasons not to work with me:

  • You aren't ready to invest in your retail store's online presence 
  • You're happy getting traffic without increasing sales 
  • You have less than 5 products and there is no variance/customization (no different sizing/colours etc) - this is where it becomes really difficult to grow and scale  

CMS's I've worked on previously

  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • WordPress
  • Wix 
  • Squarespace
  • PrestaShop

Freelance SEO services for Retail

Below is a screenshot of a client's site on Shopify where I implemented a bespoke SEO strategy, resulting in a 158% increase in product sales from Search (+$302k).

If you own an online store and have one or more of the following issues I'd be happy to have a chat:

  • You are unsure how to organise your products online and structure your site in order to make organic sales 
  • Your product or category pages are not ranking high enough in Google 
  • Your online store is getting lots of traffic, but none of it seems to be converting 
  • Products and categories are competing with each other to cause potential cannibalisation in the search results

Types of retailers I've worked with before:

SEO explained simply

A strategy call to run through your website's current challenges and how I can help.

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