Independent SEO Consultancy for DTC Brands

Scaling a DTC brand can be a difficult job. That's where I come in. 

I'm a freelance SEO specialist based in the UK who works with DTC brands looking to grow online in order to increase organic revenue and more importantly, profits

Positioning products correctly online is something that needs to be done by a digital marketing specialist.

It can be tempting to just upload them all onto your eCommerce store and hope that customers will find and buy them without a second thought. But sadly, this is very rarely the case, unless you're in an incredibly niche market. 

Reasons not to work with me:

  • You're not ready to invest in your DTC store's online presence
  • You're perfectly satisfied getting traffic increases without added product sales
  • You have a very small amount of products (< less than 2) and no variations, this would be pretty impossible to grow for any specialist

CMS's I've worked on previously

  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • WordPress
  • Wix 
  • Squarespace
  • PrestaShop

Freelance SEO services for DTC Brands

Here is a screenshot of a Direct-to-consumer client I worked on previously which resulted in $150k+ revenue increase YOY:

If you have an online store and keep experiencing any of the following issues, I may be able to help:

  • Your product and category pages are competing with each other and sales are suffering
  • You have a fair amount of traffic (clicks, impressions) but the traffic just isn't converting
  • Your category pages aren't appearing in Google search
  • Product sales are stagnating/declining and it's not due to seasonality
  • You aren't sure how exactly to position your niche, whether it's health and wellness or a toy store


SEO explained simply

A strategy call to run through your website's current challenges and how I can help.

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