Independent SEO consultancy for B2B websites

I'm Joe Fisher, a freelance SEO specialist with 8+ years experience in digital marketing.

I enjoy helping B2B brands scale in order to get more organic leads/enquiries from the sorts of clients/customers they want.

What exactly do I mean by scaling a B2B brand? In simple terms, this means being able to sell more services online.

This allows the business to invest in other areas and cuts down on frustrations like working with the wrong type of customers/clients or being unable to attract any new ones.Β 

Broadly, the whole business can improve.Β 

Reasons not to work with me:

  • You aren't ready to invest in yourΒ B2B website's online presence
  • You'reΒ happy getting traffic withoutΒ increasing enquiries/leadsΒ 
  • YouΒ only have 1 service and absolutely no way of separating this into different sections/groups and only work with 1 extremely specific type of client
  • You'll only work with large corporate marketing agencies, even ifΒ if you've had a bad experience previously

CMS's I've worked on:

  • WordPress
  • MagentoΒ 
  • ShopifyΒ 
  • ProcessWire
  • PrestaShop
  • Squarespace

Freelance SEO services for B2B

Below is a screenshot of a client's site on Wordpress, where I implemented a bespoke SEO strategy, you can see the positive impact on clicks over time:

If you own a business-to-business website and have one (or more) of the following issues, I'd be happy to chat:

  • You are unsure how to organise the services you provide to clients/customers on your website in order to drive enquiries
  • Your service/landing pages aren't ranking high enough on Google
  • Your website is getting a fair amount of traffic, but not enough of it is converting
  • Service pages or industry pages are competing with each other, causing potential cannibalisation in the search resultsΒ 

SEO explained simply

A strategy call to run through your website's current challenges and how I can help.

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