THE GOOGLE SURGE - 6 Month SEO Strategy ⚡

For a while, I was trying to think of a name for the 6 month SEO campaign I implement. Then the name came out of nowhere - THE GOOGLE SURGE

Surge - to move quickly and powerfully.

Google - well, a search engine.

Google Surge - to move quickly and powerfully in the search engine. 

Even though the campaign is 6 months long - results can become apparent faster than this. And in terms of established businesses - 6 months isn't that long! But, it's a realistic timeframe for holistic improvement.

How do you move quickly and powerfully in Google search?

  • Don't copy what your competitors are doing
  • Create content for search queries BEFORE they become saturated
  • Create assets for search queries BEFORE the competition does 
  • Futureproof your website as an organic asset by not just following Google's guidelines to the letter. Interpret them in the correct way for your business

What to include in a 6 month SEO strategy?


  • An Audit

- Using raw data from Google Search Console initially rather than 3rd party data.

- Segment your click and impression data into brand vs non-brand.

- Segment your click and impression data into subfolders.

- Audit your index profile.

  • Reporting Set Up - set up Looker studio to provide monthly reports. set up keyword tracking after the research below. 
  • Keyword Research - perform keyword research for category pages. perform keyword research for product/service pages. Cluster keywords. Do competitor keyword research. Do entity research. Segment keywords into informational/commercial/navigational/transactional.


  • Keyword Mapping
  • Fixes from the audit
  • On Page Optimisation


  • Create Precision Pages 
  • Site Navigation Audit
  • Internal Linking Audit


  • Schema Audit
  • On Page Actions Review
  • Additional Asset Optimisation


  • Backlink Audit
  • Audit Fixes Review
  • New Precision Pages Review


  • Competitor Progress Comparison
  • Additional Assets Review
  • 6 Month SEO Audit

I have nearly a decade of SEO experience working independently, for agencies and in-house this is the strategy to be most effective.

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