Freelance SEO Consultant for Shopify Stores

Shopify as a platform is only getting bigger and bigger. After a quick google I've just found out there are around 4.4 million stores around the world.Β 

That being said, there are still a ton of nuances and tricks of the trade you need to learn about this particular CMS, like you would any other, no matter how ubiquitous it's becoming for eCommerce shop owners.Β 

So, why does a Shopify store need SEO?Β 

For more products to be sold. That's it. It's how to get there that can be a problem.

And to dig a little deeper, you may need my help as a specialist if you have had the following thoughts:

- How can I arrange and structure my products into different collection pages to compete against larger brands?

- What do I need on a product page in order for it to sell?

- Do I really need to add every image alt tag?

- What do I need on a collection page in order for it to appear in the top 10 of Google?

- What should my content strategy be? Should I blog?

- I'm terrified of the possible upcoming SGE update - how do I prepare for it?

Unfortunately, the answers to all of these questions depend on multiple factors, so a chat about your business and industry is needed first.Β 

Above is a screenshot from a Shopify store I worked on in 2022/23 in the wellness industry. You can see how improvements in SEO can bring increases broadly across both social and direct visits, driving trust signals for a brand.

Shopify can be a bit of a minefield, there are thousands of different ways to set up a store and thousands of different apps to choose from to help - that's why you need a specialist.

Independent SEO Services for Brands on Shopify

How does this translate for an eCom store into revenue?Β 

See below:

A 158% increase in revenue from Google Search.

What's my story?

- After just under 2 years at an eCommerce focused data driven agencyΒ called Blink SEO, I've decided to make the transition into full time freelance work. I'm currently available for both retainers and one off projects.

SEO explained simply

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