DTC Chocolate Brand - Shopify Case Study


Company: UK Based Chocolatier (name confidential)

Platform: Shopify

Headline Result: 251% increase in revenue from Search in 12 months

Products and target audience:Β  Offering a variety of chocolate products, this brand caters to a broad audience in the UK. Their selection includes Valentine's Day treats, best-selling items, personalised gift boxes, a signature range, hot chocolate, and chocolate ballotins. Emphasising ethical sourcing, the brand is an appealing choice for those who prioritise sustainability. With free UK delivery on orders over Β£15, they target individuals seeking high-quality, ethically sourced chocolates, making it an excellent option for thoughtful and unique gifts.

SEO Campaign

Work Completed:

  • Conducted research on new collection opportunities and mapped out facet opportunities on established collections.
  • Merged URLs, updating inlinks, created new parent collections, and implemented internal links as per keyword mapping.
  • Updated metadata sitewide, including value propositions in meta descriptions (i.e. delivery info) and added secondary keywords into h1s and meta titles
  • Built a new faceted navigation structure with developers
  • Created 45 new collections after research and assigned parent categories
  • Updated tagging for products in the new collections
  • Reviewed any collections which were set up manually and converted these to collections set up using tagging system
  • Added above-fold copy for the new URLs and added internal links where applicable.

Issues found and actions taken:

  • Identified an issue with megamenu images and initiated communication with client for resolution.
  • Reviewed the /collections/all page, found it doesn't exist, and suggested its creation as a new page in the mapping sheet. Identified the existence of /collections/shop-all and proposed merging other pages to it.




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