Freelance SEO Services for Homeware Brands

I've been helping eCommerce Homeware brands for nearly a decade on Google Search to grow and scale.

I've found this sector to have quite a price range when it comes to products, with low ticket items like placemats, all the way up to high ticket items like sofas.Β 

The question is, how do you get your brand's sofa to sell instead of the household name's sofa?Β 

You have to position it differently. That's where I come in.

Problems I help to fix:

  • Deciding which categories to create on your online store to drive targeted visitors and more importantly, sales
  • Underutilised product pages with low conversion rates
  • A lack of opportunities when it comes to taking over the more well known competition and fulfilling the site's potential
  • A lack of organisation across a site's structure

Freelance SEO services for Homeware

If you're looking to compete with large homeware companies like Next and DFS, you have to take full advantage of your product niches.

How I work:

Aiming for high priority deliverables - every homeware brand, no matter how big they are, has technically limited resources, I aim to use our time as wisely as possible to get the best results in the shortest time

Remotely - this is so I can collaborate with business owners from anywhereΒ 

Independently - this allows me to be resourceful and fully integrate myself as a strategic partner for your businessΒ 

Consistently - SEO is a long-term game and it's never complete

SEO explained simply

A strategy call to run through your website's current challenges and how I can help.

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