Freelance SEO services for Wellness Brands

Over time I've noticed many wellness brands in fairly specific niches, and unfortunately, they aren't always taking advantage of the niche they're in. 

The brands rely on their unique products to drive sales and customers and sadly that isn't always the case. 

Strategically implemented SEO strategies can help to solve this problem. 

Problems Wellness Brands have that can be fixed:

  • Typically these sorts of brands have low product coverage (a low amount of products within categories), Google isn't a fan of this
  • These sorts of websites perform really well for TOTF (Top of the funnel) searches which are informational, but when it comes to commercial intent, they falter 
  • Products not converting. Because this is a sector related to health, website visitors are more risk averse compared to when shopping for other products 

Why you shouldn't work with me:

  • I know very little when it comes to health and wellness, you'll have to be a bit of a guide, unless I can easily Google to research
  • I won't be able to help you shift a thousand bottles of your Huel alternative in a day, it will take time, like any good process
  • Your website will have to change, even though you built it and it's your baby

Why you should work with me:

  • I will take actions on your website to increase profit from organic search


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