Freelance SEO Consultant in Rotherham

I'm Joe FisherΒ πŸ‘‹Β a dedicated SEO consultant based in Rotherham, South Yorkshire who loves to help clients achieve business goals via the medium of search engine optimisation.

Whether you own an eCommerce or b2b business, I can provide an SEO partnership for your company to work together to take on the competition.



Why should you choose an SEO agency over me?

  • You want to pay more
  • You want a cookie cutter, 'one size fits all'Β reporting service
  • You want to be able to say you work with a really cool agency who have won lots of swanky awards
  • You want multiple levels of communication
  • You want to be in a pool of 30 other clients, all getting looked after by an over stretched team
  • You want a team of generalists who know a little about a lotΒ 

*this isn't all agencies btw, but finding one that isn't the above is difficult.

Why choose me forΒ as your SEO consultant for your Rotherham based business?

  • I'm results focused - I focus on business profits rather than just traffic and rankings (even though these can indicate we're going in the right direction)
  • I've worked for top UK SEO agencies, in-house and as an independent specialist so I know how businesses work from an operational perspective
  • I have knowledge across the broad spectrum of SEO, I understand the technical side, the digital PR side and the content side, and more importantly I know which strategies to prioritise.
  • I live in Rotherham, after previous moving from Sheffield, so I'll know any Yorkshire slang first hand ;)

Why should you hire an SEO consultant in the first place?

  • Google sells for you even when you are asleep. If you get things right you can be taking orders and getting leads/enquiries even when you aren't working actively in the business
  • It's scaleable - you can flesh out your website endlessly to take over your section of Google's landscape and it can help to fully map out your business strategy
  • It compounds. Even though rankings are never permanent, SEO is like a marathon. Everyone else is playing catch up if you start now.
  • Google's algorithm is always changing. You need someone who is keeping their finger on the pulse when it comes to elements like AI and SGE

Previous Results

  • Increasing a Shopify store’s organic revenue by 158% (from $191k to an impressive $493k in 12 months),Β 
  • Increasing an online store's revenue by 152% (from $65k to $164k in 12 months),Β see full case study

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