DTC Religious Gifts Shopify Store - eCommerce Case Study - Joe Fisher


Company: US Based Religious Gifting Store (name confidential)

Platform: Shopify

Headline Result: 33% increase in revenue from Search in 12 months ($160k+)

Products and target audience:Β  This online Judaica store offers a diverse range of products, catering to a modern audience interested in contemporary Jewish gifts. The product categories include Jewish jewelry, Mezuzahs, wedding gifts, kids' gifts, and items made in Israel. With a focus on curated and modern Judaica, the store features a variety of collections, such as Hanukkah Superstore Decorations and Chai Modern Seder Plates, appealing to individuals seeking stylish and unique Judaica items. The target audience includes those looking for well-designed, clever, and beautiful Jewish gifts, with an emphasis on modern aesthetics and exceptional customer service.

SEO Campaign

Work Completed:

  • Conducted a crawl to filter out 404, 301, and irrelevant URLs, resulting in a list of 200 valid pages.
  • Identified and grouped category pagesΒ 
  • Selected primary keywords for each category page based on search data, utilising H1/category fields, suggested keywords, or relevant queries from ahrefs/keyword tools.
  • Mapped all category pages to unique primary keywords, ensuring no overlap between categories.
    • Identified and implemented new collection pages

    Issues found and actions taken:

      • Ran reports to identify orphaned collections using the sitemap and referred to GA, GSC, and crawl data.
      • Determined the need to keep collections, mapped them and ensured no duplicates of other collections.
      • Checked for collections not linked in the navigation and added them where possible, recommending additional additions if needed.
  • Mapped all main category pages to unique primary keywords, laying the foundation for subsequent metadata updates.
  • Identified and addressed orphaned collections, optimising the structure based on relevance and eliminating duplicates.
  • Implemented short-term wins through the Keyword Performance Review Process, adding priority actions for client review
  • Ensured consistency with previous recommendations and quality-checked suggestions before client submission.
  • Results:



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