Does SEO matter in 2024?

In short, I hope so! Or I'd be out of a job.

Is SEO still relevant in 2024?
As long as people are still are still searching on Google and clicking/buying/enquiring through an organic result - SEO will always be relevant. It may be broader than before and you may need to work more comprehensively before, but good SEO is still a reflection of your brand in 2024.Β 
What is the best SEO strategy for 2024?
Utilising AI in the right way. Use it for strategies and ideation. Don't rely on it completely and make sure you use E-E-A-T (which Google has actually said isn't a ranking factor even though it matters).
Will SEO exist in 5 years?
In short, no one knows. The world is moving so fast that it's hard to tell, but within 5 years I think definitely yes, in 20 years, who knows. Even if SEO starts to die down and social and paid take more of the market, the fundamentals still apply to all 3.Β 
What are people searching for in 2024?
ο»ΏIn a world of AI, legitimacy is going to be huge. And if you're talking about specifically, Google Trends shows a sample of this data. User experience is more important than ever and personalised user journeys.
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