How does Google's algorithm documentation leak relate to the guidelines?

I've used Search Engine Lands 'Unpacking Google's Guideline's update' and began to cross reference it with Google Search Central's Guidelines - using their internal search.



Document leak #1 

Site Authority IS a metric 

What do the guidelines say?

Not much about site authority as a broad concept BUT in the Helpful content update, it mentions becoming an authority on a topic.

Which is not talking how much of an authority a site is in general.

It's wise to partly presume the site authority leak relates to the domain authority metric which has been spoken about previously, and denied.


Document leak #2

Clicks are measured and scored into good/bad click groups

What do the guidelines say?

The phrases 'good clicks' and 'bad clicks' are not mentioned in Google Search Central's documentation.

Again, clicks are spoken about, but the quality of a click is not. Sneaky Google. 

We need to interpret what a good and bad click in our own way, essentially.


Document leak #3

A 'Site's Focus Score' is used as a ranking factor

What do the guidelines say?

Focus IS mentioned in Google's documentation (finally!). 

In the SEO starter guide it mentions that you should focus on making people aware of your website. 

In the HCU it mentions focusing on people first content.

AND in the Page Experience Update it mentions not focusing on only one aspect of page experience.

Lots to focus on! 




I'll keep adding to this blog with more leaks and guideline checks over the coming weeks/months.

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