Which SEO tools are free/open source?

  • GA4/Analytics - this is a tool I use to analyse user behaviour and how users are navigating around a site. Which pages are they landing on and clicking through to before they convert, for example (behaviour flow). Can be installed via adding tracking code to a site.


  • Screaming Frog (up to 500 URLs) - this is used for website crawling and is developing to become more comprehensive all of the time. Get an overview of your site's data and structure.


  • Google Search Console - as an SEO, I use this tool more than any other. It provides raw search data, revealing how well pages are performing organically and for which search queries. It's a goldmine, even if the data is limited. 


  • Answer the public - this is a tool to gather relevant topical questions. 
    For example if you're a chef and searched the word 'cooking' then Answer the public would deliver the most frequently asked questions around this topic - and it uses the hub and spoke model.

  • Google Trends - this tool shows how popular a topic is. These statistics, although broad, can be used to put together content for link building. You 


  • Google's Keyword Planner 



  • Ahrefs (if you have Search Console access)



  • Elements of SEMrush
  • Elements of Moz
  • Ubersuggest

These are subject to change and some may no longer offer free trials

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